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Talk Show Host is the second song from Radiohead's 1996 single, Street Spirit (Fade Out).


One of Radiohead’s most popular B-Sides, Talk Show Host first appeared on the Street Spirit (Fade Out) single and featured the band trying a “trip-hop” style, reminiscent of Portishead’s debut album, Dummy.

The track was ultimately remixed for Baz Luhrmann's film Romeo + Juliet, and released on the immensely popular soundtrack album. This version, called the 'Nellee Hooper remix', was less guitar driven than the original B-side and included various atmospheric sounds. There is also a 'Black Dog remix' with distorted tempos.

Many of Radiohead’s live shows in 1997 featured this song in yet another incarnation that featured a longer guitar driven ending and Jonny Greenwood’s keyboards.


[Verse 1]
 I want to
 I want to be someone else or I'll explode
 Floating upon the surface for
 The birds, the birds
 The birds
 [Verse 2]
 You want me?
 Fucking well come and find me
 I'll be waiting
 With a gun and a pack of sandwiches
 And nothing, nothing
 Nothing, nothing
 [Verse 3]
 You want me?
 Well, come on and break the door down
 You want me?
 Fucking come on and break the door down
 I'm ready, I'm ready
 I'm reeaaady
 I'm reeaaaaady
 I'm reeaaady
 I'm reeaaady